Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When I Grow Up I Want to Fold Clothes

EH? If you really did have this dream, we can't be friends --

I was the youngest of 5 children and when I was a little girl, I loved to clean -- OK, if my mother is reading this, I'll have to rephrase that... I loved to clean because I got praise and recognition --

I have a friend I worked with and we were casually talking when she mentioned how tired she was from being up til 11:00 folding clothes -- I think it took me about a minute to snap myself back to the reality of what she'd just said... folding clothes was so important you lost sleep over it? This could be restated... you mean you're an adult who is responsible and takes care of her family's needs even when it's a sacrifice? I shuttered inside -- Not because this was so ridiculous, but because it really highlighted in neon lights the big ZERO I was getting in the subject of household responsibility --

I'm not sure about your house, but we don't have a clean-up fairy -- I think she retired when Dan and I got married -- Did I mention I only like to clean because I get praise and recognition? Dan works outside 40 hours a week and then comes home to take care of our animals and 14 acres of land -- You would think I could handle our 3,000 sq. ft. house -- Cleaning the house on a regular basis happens to be my issue... Yours could be making dinner, going to work every day, completing a list of tasks your spouse needed you to take care of, mowing the lawn or getting out of bed before 10:00 !!

The truth is that when you get married, your bachelor or bachelorette pad goes out the window -- you do not just live for yourself anymore... you have a partner who deserves respect and it's time to compromise on the stuff you hate to do -- The screaming gremlin inside you is normal, but will subside when you put on your grown up hat and realize that a part of marriage may just look like Cinderella's life before she met her perfect prince ;0)

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