Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fryed, Not Baked

This post is in honor of MckMama --
Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us so openly...
I know my life is enriched because of you and your family --
(Click each photo for the story where that pic came from)

Once upon this time there was a MckFamily and they live on a lake that's sandy -- The husband of the house, Prince Charming; and MckMama his princess and darling have been married five years, have four charming dears and are living so faithfully ever after; it's clear!

Big Mac is the oldest of four, he loves to ask questions and more, he has a love for dinosaurs, plays with them on the floor and a smile that's simply to die for --

MckNugget is second, with a Mohawk that beckons and free spirit that needs no introduction -- Third, is baby girl, Smallfry, who's blond and with blue eyes and a face that could light up the sky... (more about her in time...)
The newest to the clan is the miracle baby MckMuffin -- He's tiny and sweet with such baby feet and making these four a MckMiracle --

I turn my attention to Smallfry -- This is a Fryday post and I want use Smallfry -- She's the little lady of the four charming kids... If you read about her long enough, you'll find that she loves dirt, hates party hats and is as curious and lively as any 1 year old -- I can imagine that her laughter is the sound of pure joy and it takes no assumption that her smile is like medicine to a hurting heart -- The innocence in her face, the wonder in her eyes and safe posture in which she plays reminds me that there is still hope in a society where it can seem so overwhelmingly evil -- This child has been beautifully raised by two people who clearly love their children more than life itself --

This Smallfry will grow up knowing that beauty isn't skin deep and that imagination comes from within... not the TV -- She will know how to carry meaningful conversations with people, cope with stress in a proper manner and choose a man who is as stable and healthy as she -- She has been blessed... blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined for a life -- She is and will be the product of a family who makes sacrifices not often seen in today's modern world... She is the little lady of this MckFamily and as I read, cry, laugh and sit in awe of each of them... my life is blessed -- Therefore... I'll take my days Fryed, not baked :)

I'm sharing this story because their family truly makes up a MckMiracle and you can read about them here:

All photos by MckMama from her blog MyCharmingKid

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Such a great story and post!