Thursday, November 27, 2008

Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear

For those of you who saw this picture and actually thought, even for a second, that this was my turkey, surrounded by my vegetables, on my beautifully decorated table... um, yeah... it's 9:00 a.m. -- I. think. not. -- Remember? I'm the one with clean laundry hiding in baskets obscurely around the house :) Today is Thanksgiving and clearly we Americans actually need a special day to remember to give thanks, so... I guess I'll take advantage of it --

My family -- my. entire. family. -- is in Florida, right now, even as I type -- Every year, all five siblings, our spouses, their children, and even some strays, herd to my parent's 1900's colonial style home in North Florida for 4 or 5 blissful, family-filled-fun days -- This year, I happen to be an adult who has to work, so I'm still here in NC -- (so you don't feel too sorry for me, I will see everyone at Christmas :)

Oh, wait... I was supposed to be giving thanks -- Sometimes life can seem so unfair -- I find myself wanting to complain that while I have a Master's degree, I can only find a part-time job in my profession and that I'm only getting 20 hours a week toward my licensure -- I often times dread making dinner every night for Dan and myself and hate that I have to shut the chicken house at 11:00 p.m. when it's 29 degrees outside because I forgot earlier that evening -- (I promise, I'm going somewhere with this) -- There are moments when I just want Dan to stop talking so I can hear my own thoughts and days I want to just be alone because I do nothing but deal with people all day, every day -- Every once in a while I find myself dreading checking voice mail because 3 friends or family have called and I know I need to catch up with each of them, but I'm tired because I've been working non-stop on our new home or working --

It's just that today is that day -- That day when I'm reminded to be thankful I woke up at all, that I get to see one more sunrise and sunset -- That day that I'm thankful for the opportunity to have gone to school and been able to attain a level of degree that only 7% of all Americans have -- That day when I take time to realize that I shouldn't take the food I do have to prepare for granted, because millions have nothing -- That day I stop my busy world to be thankful for the little lives all around that bring me joy when I walk out my door every morning and I'm greeted with kisses and squawks because I'm loved (I'm talking about our animals, people) --

That day
I thank my God I have a husband who does talk to me, who loves me so much he can wait to tell me every detail about his days -- That day I become aware again of the privilege of touching people's lives with healing words of encouragement and hope -- That day I remember it's a rare blessing to have the amount of friends and family that I have -- That day I feel ashamed, as I have called my new home a curse one too many times, because the truth is that I'm spoiled beyond imagination with not only a beautiful house, but a home --

I. Am. Thankful. -- I realize that all the stuff, all the goals, desires and dreams still lie in my imagination... Yet, with every thank you and because of my continuous attitude of gratitude, I also know that these objects are likely closer than they may appear --

Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving... love your families and see your curses for the blessings that they are -- (and don't forget to enter my HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!)


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I am sorry you have to work. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

KirGreer said...

Great post! PS: I love your title/banner on the top of the blog -- so fun, and it reminds me of me.