Friday, April 24, 2009

Featured Friday: Disco Ducks

Still no requests to PROMOTE SOMEONE'S BUSINESS!! Come on, you guys... someone out there HAS to have an Etsy Store, Monogramming Fling or SOMETHING they want me to promote... FREE!!!

So -- I'm promoting ME this week! Well, not me... my organization... Read on (if you're not interested but want to see who my BLOG LOVE of the week is... scroll all the way down!).

Adopt a Duck for a chance to WIN $5,000 and Support Our Non-Profit Organization

I work at a non-profit organization, Albemarle Hopeline. We serve victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in six counties of northeastern North Carolina. We are doing a raffle... Please read below to find out how you can support us and have a chance to win $5,000 !!!


We are excited to announce the Lucky Duck Derby, a raffle to benefit Albemarle Hopeline.The (rubber) ducks can be "adopted" for $5 each online. Once all the adoptions are final, the ducks will be randomly numbered on May 15th -- The Lucky Duck Derby is scheduled at the opening of the Albemarle Potato Festival on Saturday, May16th -- There will be over 5,000 "adopted" ducks launched into Charles Creek and large crowds of people will line the waterfront area to cheer on their adopted ducks. The first duck to cross the finish line will win a $5,000 cash prize. Additional prizes will also be awarded.

Click HERE and then follow the directions below to adopt a duck :
  • CLICK: Adopt a duck (NO! You do NOT have adoption papers)
  • PICK TEAM: Hopeline Disco Ducks:
  • Should be easy enough to figure it out from there...
Just to clarify... SATURDAY - MAY 16th - There will be a "DUCK RACE" (no... the ducks are not real) and if the # that is randomly assigned to your duck/ducks win(s) the race... YOU will win $5,000!! There are also several additional prizes -- You DO NOT have to be present to win --

More Info about our organization below.......

The work of Albemarle Hopeline is to provide services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in a six-county area. For twenty-seven years, Hopeline has offered a comprehensive quality service component to victims at no cost through resources from federal, state and local funds. A fundraiser will allow us to raise our profile in the community and enhance the resources available to continue our work.


I've been following her since almost day one of my blogging adventure -- She is so incredibly SWEET -- Her exuberance for life TOTALLY overwhelms me sometimes and she is all around beautiful, clearly from the inside to the out -- We've become friends over the last 9 months as we chat on Instant Messenger, email and comment on each others blogs -- I know we'd be friends IRL if she lived close -- She inspired SO many woman to shed some pounds through Weight Watchers as her own story was incredibly inspiring -- Now... she's gonna have a little muffkin and I'm totally loving following her journey as a newlywed, soon to be mom and all around great friend --

Let's give it up for



LyndsAU said...

Awwww-you made me tear up (pregnancy hormones) :) Thank you so much sweet girl. You are a great friend and you are dead on about IRL friends, we so would be. Love ya! And HUGS!

Krystyn said...

I can't wait until Lynds and I can get together! She is fab!

MissBliss said...

Well, my hubby, who started our blog, :) is writing a south beach column as an independent contractor... would that be a Friday option? We are hoping to get a fun business started, soon, too, so we want your Friday spotlight, believe me!!!! :)

Miss E said...

I love LyndsAU's blog too! She is so sweet and full of life. (You're picking awesome blogs for this segment!) Happy Friday!

writing4612 said...

I love her blog too!

Since I can't email you by clicking on the "Email Me" link because I don't have Outlook as my primary email, I'll just leave a comment.

Just wanted to let you know that I've missed your posts these last few days.

Saskia said...

We saw a duck race this weekend! It was so fun. I hope you raise lots of money.

When I've sorted myself out I'd love to be on Featured Friday in the future... I'm going full steam ahead with my photography and I'm in the process of startin an etsy shop selling some of my prints!

I hope you had a great weekend