Friday, May 15, 2009

Featured Friday: Weekly Blog Love

She's spunky, she's cute, she's preppy and she's totally from my home town! We discovered each other a few months ago and she lives in the same city I lived in for nearly 10 years! I connect with her on a "Yankee" level -- I've enjoyed talking with her about the area and not surprisingly, we a lot of the same favorite past times! She has a tremendous amount of honesty in her posts and isn't afraid to make herself vulnerable to her readers -- She shares from the smallest to the greatest fabulous ideas, sales, giveaways and local entertainment in her area! She's got an all around FANTASTIC BLOG!

It's Everything According to Erin !!! You are my Weekly Blog Love !!!

Thanks for keeping my days interesting!!

OK, ladies........... Two more shows to go and one weekend of family and friends and then I think I'll take a week off to S.L.E.E.P.!


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Prep-E Girl said...

I feel so honored! Thanks so much!