Thursday, June 25, 2009

the calm

Life is good.

Too good?

I have a husband who loves me.

I have a husband.

I love him more today than the day we married.

I have love.

I have a job in the field I was educated for.

I have a job.

My husband has a job that solely provides for us.

I have a secure and stable home.

I have a home.

My parents are alive and healthy.

So are my siblings.

I have friends that care about me.

I have friends.

Finances are in order.

One of my greatest stresses is what to cook for dinner.

Should I cook?

I roll my eyes at my silly thoughts.

Life has never been this easy.

Something is wrong.

Is this the calm before the storm?

Why can't I just trust?


The calm.


Sara said...

I can certainly relate to this post, yet I'm always anxious as well. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Anne said...

be thankful
be aware
be joyful

Miss E said...

YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks for the reminding me what is important on this crazy Thursday.

writing4612 said...

Just relax and enjoy the journey! That is what life is about.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I agree, sit back and relax.

Mommy2lilgems said...

I am the same way...I'm always worried about what's going to happen next...but I learned I can't predict the future, so I shouldn't try so hard!

Miss Caught Up said...

Very lovely post :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. It's like smooth sailing is almost unsettling! Just enjoy it! :)

Prep-E Girl said...

Hey! I'm going to be doing The Husband Project (maybe with another blogger - you're supposed to have "accountability buddies" - was wondering if you might be interested!)



the Preppy Princess said...

This is a beautiful post, in part because of your candor, which we *totally* understand. It is so hard to trust and not fear, I have to work on it everyday. :)

Brown Girl said...

I liked that...what a good reminder to be thankful. Thank you.

Kristen said...

omg. i LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! can i link this or copy and paste it? i love it. love it. xoxo

d.a.r. said...

I ADORE this!!! Seriously. But, I also know that impatient distrust that life can be that good!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words. Let yourself enjoy the calm. Float on sister...

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

beautiful! and so true! hubby tries to remind of this same thought all the time! we're safe, we're healthy, we're secure, let's not sweat the small stuff that we make to be so big. enjoy girl!!!

MissBliss said...

enjoy and soak in the good stuff... you deserve it!!!!

it's going to get EVEN BETTER!

Cole said...

What a joyful post!

Sunshine Mama said...

You are blessed.

Jon and Steph said...

You are one blessed lady!

I seriously think this exact same way! My life is blessed but still I worry, worry a lot!

I love this post. Trust. That is what I need to remember.

Megan said...

Enjoy and relax! =)

Gorgeous picture!

Cocaine Princess said...

You are definitely blessed with love Anna.