Friday, April 9, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hey Y'all!! I know it's been a while... Thought I'd let you know you can find me



Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Leave You With This...

This newlywed is saying goodbye.

As you all well know, I've been a bit like splattered raindrops lately. It's trickey, really, but this belle and her beau are going through some major life changes. Even though I'm an undomesticated newlywed and will likely never be a MckMama, I do have other tricks up my sleeve. Writing has always been my #1 passion, although I thoroughly love all things fluffy, fashionable and famous, I am not fully satisfied sassified and that makes Jane Anna a very dull girl.

Starting this blog was one of the best misadventures of a newlywed and I don't regret even one post. Being Brazen, I'll just tell you that this chapter of my life is over. Of course while this decision is indefinitely definite, I'm pretty sure it's what I need to do to pursue my dreams. While it seems I'll always be learning to be a wife and it's pretty obvious I'll never be a sassy engineer, which means I do need to open the doors that are knocking, so this prep-e girl is out of here.

Despite your good guesses, I'm not off to be a chic runner, a pink chick or a monogram chick and while the choice I've made is not a housewife's journey to forever or a charge to be thou a knight, it is does cause me to say that I must let go laughing as there are some really great things on the horizon. Of course, I could choose to become a cocaine princess or a preppy princess and really be classy and fabulous, but just ask wifey, I don't think I fit the bill ;0)

This journey I've taken going from Miss to Mrs has been a bit like running in stilettos and at times I thought it may lead me to be a Vodka-puppy mom, but instead my blog sometimes reads like I'm in the sweet tea diaries of a misplaced northerner {someone should grab that title!} floating on in the adventures of Jon and Steph, except we're Dan and Anna, we're as different as a Hokie and a Wahoo and well, let's face it... just make mine a mojito.

As the saying goes... First comes love, then comes marriage and whelp! marriage has come. It's time for me to pull up my boot straps and get serious with my writing if I ever want a future in it. You see, I've been miss caught up with miss e's misadventures, Courtney and the boys and Jenny.Lee! These amazing blogs will be tremendously missed and the footprints they've left on my heart, not easily wiped away, for I will always Maegan, adore blue eyed bride, and miss saskia's spot. Seriously! Withdraw may cause me to see polka dots and paisleys!!

But don't be too dismayed, you'll still be able to follow my Tales from the country Salti roads Peaks -- You can read my writing HERE and still get your fix. As sad as this is for me, all good things must come to an end, true? This is the reality of happily ever after, isn't it?


I hope you enjoyed that... it's been stirring in me a few days.

While blogging truly has been one of the greatest adventures of my life, it's time for me to buckle down and really write like I know I'm supposed to. Some of you may be wondering why I can't do both... Ever heard of "Jack of all trades, Master of none?" -- When I visit blog land I get so consumed with all of said above blogs; reading, commenting, responding, etc... by the time I'm finished, I find the passion I had to write fades for one reason or another. It's time to focus.

Like I said, I'll be writing here if you care to stop in from time to time... This is a place where I can write without worrying about followers, comments or criticism; I can focus solely on practicing my writing. With this, I've decided not to write my first book using modern day technology. I have pen and paper in hand and have been 'kickin' it old school'. I find the words flow more freely and I'm not able to edit what I originally felt.

I wish nothing but the best for each of you who've inspired me with your stories, touched me with your encouragement and uplifted my spirit with your wisdom, insight and sensitivities. I will likely be a "blog stalker" {I forget what that's officially called} when I need a good laugh or cry.

So much love to each of you my dear friends...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thank you for being a follower and a great blogging friend!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall for Followers

*******************UPDATED: Seeing as I overlooked the small fact that today is Labor Day, I am postponing the winner until tomorrow :) If you're a follower, enter now!!!


Original Post:

It starts August 1st.

Which is ridiculous seeing as its the hottest month of the year.

Yet, I can't help it...

Visions of crisp blue skies, bright orange pumpkins, big yellow mums on porches and people in sweaters, jeans and boots. The feel of cool, clean air, the sight of bright red trees, the taste I don't have a sense of smell of hot apple pie and the sound of walking through fallen leaves.


I live all year waiting for this season and it's right around the corner.

I told you I'd kick off my return with a giveaway and what a better way to celebrate my favorite season!?

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know I love photography -- I'm also starting a new challenge for myself {which of course will be blogged about later} and so this giveaway is very personal!

I'm giving away 3 of the following pictures {your choice}
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How to win:

I've been thinking over these last two weeks and have decided this giveaway is going to be exclusively for my followers. I love each of you simply for the fact that you read, comment, email, chat and enjoy the content of my blog!

So, really? How. do. I. win?

Answer me one question:
  • If the world stopped having seasons {that sounded very dramatic} tell me which season you'd want all year long and why?
That's it!

I'm totally celebrating you!

My amazing





I will announce the winner Monday, Sept. 6th @ noon

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3 weeks in pix

So what have you been up to, Mrs. Realife?

Thanks for asking! I'm delighted to share :)

We watched thunderstorms...

and this baby bird grow up.

We made hamburgers for us... and Elly :)

We made...



one of a kind,

Salsa :)

We drove through thunderstorms...

We picked fresh peaches...

and pears.

and "jarred" them.


We laughed a lot.

... and made fresh crab cakes after crabbing and "gutting" them?
{I forget what you call it}

We sat on our front porch and photographed another storm.

Took more pix of the lighthouse.

and more pix...

of the rain.

We had summer BBQ's with friends...

and watch the sun set over the water.

Went to our local Art Festival...

and purchased a really neat center piece for our dining room.

And of course, last, but not least...
We taught Elly how to order fast food :)

What did you do these last 3 weeks while I've been gone?!