Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Mornings...

Weeks can be long and tough on the body and soul -- I love how on Sunday mornings it seems peaceful in the world... like everyone has taken a deep breath and chose to enjoy the silence of the morning -- Dan and I love watching a movie in bed... we are usually early risers and there are always great old movies on around 7 or 8 --

I'm learning that we all live such busy lives -- Dan works hard during the week and by the weekend, he's ready to chill -- I'm the opposite... not that I don't work hard, but my work is indoors and I'm ready to climb a mountain or something -- He's a landscape designer, so his work is outside -- So, it's easy to get used to the shifting schedules and find your own life within your marriage... but within this, I believe it's really important to find that time each week where you come back together and enjoy each other, you really connect and 'just be' -- those will be the moments you'll remember when looking back... mine will be Sunday mornings --

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RN2B said...

Thanks for the reminder to find that "coming back together time". I know my husband & I could use a little bit of that after the past couple years we've had.
I agree that it is something very necessary for a successful relationship!