Friday, May 16, 2008

"What is Love" (... baby don't hurt me, no more)

Can you hear it? Or... are you getting the picture in your head of Will Ferrel and that other guy bopping their heads in the car in "A Night at the Roxbury"?

Seriously... what is love? I have asked myself that so many times in my life, I think I coined the phrase...

This question became especially important when I was proposed to and heading to the altar and even more important now that I am married -- As the song continues... "Baby don't hurt me, no more..." -- When you love or open yourself up to being loved, hurt is inevitable -- Yet, true love is when there is no motive for loving... it's pure and unselfish -- You love for the other person, not yourself -- You may be saying "But I'm human, I need love, too" If you love unselfishly, you'll be loved back... there's just no buts about it -- Love is seeing someone through a lens they can't see themselves through... their true self --

You love by keeping their deepest secrets safe in your heart -- You love by helping lay their deepest fears to rest by the way you hold their heart in your hands -- Love is causing their most shameful moments made to be OK because of your acceptance -- Love is seeing their greatest dreams come true fostered by your belief that they can do it -- Love is having their best qualities shine through your encouragement to try new things -- Love is not a feeling -- Love is not created through good looks, a great job or a thick wallet -- Love is strong and powerful -- Love gives life, it doesn't take it at the fear that your own life is being threatened -- Love is the action given when we have nothing left to give... Love is the most powerful force in the universe --

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