Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around....

Here we have another case of "mother knows best" -- My husband is a Landscaper (think I've mentioned that) -- He is always doing odd things like 'plugging yards' or 'building a ditch bank' and as the good wife that I am, I just let him go his marry way -- I, on the other hand, 'teach children' or 'go to school' -- nothing too extravagant or worthy of looking up in an encyclopedia --

So, this morning I didn't get a call to substitute teach for the first time in a few weeks and I was enjoying the bed (and having a really weird dream) -- Anyhow, my phone rings and it's Dan -- I answer pleasantly and on the other end I hear this "I drove my truck into a F*&%# hole, I need you to drive out here and pick me up so I can get my tractor and pull my G*&^ D*%$# self out of here" -- "OK, honey... no problem" -- sheesh, that sucks --

So, I get dressed, pee and throw on a hat and I'm there in 20 minutes -- He rants for the first 3 minutes about how he was already supposed to be somewhere else by now and how he's afraid he's broken *something* (I couldn't tell you what that was) and how it is going to cost such n' such money and so much time and then... silence --

Being the 'sweet' wife that I am, I decide to break the silence and lighten things up by mentioning that I don't get as great of gas mileage in town -- He responds with "Well you take off really fast, it would help if you slowed down" -- I quickly realized that wasn't the thing to do and now he's annoying me, so I'll be quiet again... it was more peaceful that way -- He interprets that as "see, you always get mad when I say even one little thing" -- OK... now I'm really annoyed and I just want to get home ASAP -- We get home and he just gets out of the car without any sort of "thank you" and so I gladly get inside and start making my coffee -- As I'm reeling over how he's treated me and how he could have at least been grateful that I picked him up, blah blah blah.... I drop my coffee pot; it shatters --

Now I'm pissed.... and ranting "OMG -- this sucks! Now I can't have coffee, I'm going to have to drive across town to get a cup of coffee, then pay money to have get a new pot..." and it hits me -- Here I am so upset about a stupid coffee pot and my husband just broke his truck! The vehicle he uses to earn a living! He has to spend his time and money fixing his truck and all I can think about is how he offended me?

So... lesson of the day? What goes around, comes around and LET IT TEACH YOU SOMETHING -- Stop being so self-centered -- Take 30 seconds to put yourself in your spouses shoes on and really feel what they may be facing -- I mean seriously... there's nothing like a broken coffee pot to really put life into perspective ;0)

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Mary said...

sounds like aanother familiar scene of life....but really, NO COFFEE!? and having to go ACROSS town to get the coffee and another pot to make the coffee...I think the ranting was well deserved for those few seconds! I have to have my first cup before I make rational thoughts and words come out of my mouth....