Sunday, June 29, 2008

His Brain, Her Brain

Do you ever feel like you're living with an alien? Sometimes I just watch Dan and I wonder what he's thinking -- I am domestically challenged in the way of cooking and Dan loves the grill -- this works out well -- Until he can't find something -- Suddenly, everything goes into emergency mode and I've been called from the other room to put out the seemingly overwhelming fire -- I walk calmly into the kitchen only to find out he can't find --- dunt dunt dunt dun....... the knife --

This knife has been a sore spot in our marriage from almost day one -- it's small, shiny, sleek and very sharp -- Dan loves this knife -- I have probably used the knife 5 times, but when it goes missing, I absolutely without a doubt should know its exact where abouts and until it's found, we are in crisis mode --

My brain says who cares, there are 5 more knives in the holder -- His brain says it's the only knife that will work with what I'm doing -- My brain says are you kidding? What did you ever do before you had that knife? His brain says could you just help me find it, I know you were the last one to use it -- My brain says of course I was the last one to use it, you never misplace things -- His brain says I know... that's why I called you in here to find it -- My brain says did you not hear the sarcasm? -- His brain says oh, shoot, I remember where I put it and off he goes to get the most precious item in our entire house... the knife -- (now, in the case of the missing scissors... I may possibly be to blame :)

So, the battle of the brains -- His brain verses her brain -- Undoubtedly the right brain verses the wrong brain -- right? Wrong... the funny part about all the going back and forth is that in some mystical world, we think one has to be right and the other wrong -- but it just ain't so --

It's another complex case of perspective vs. perspective -- There's not a soul in this world who doesn't have their own perspective and within the world of marriages, these perspectives seem to clash more than any other world -- In the time of newlyweds... it can seem devastating, almost to the point of wondering if you even know this alien you've dedicated the rest of your life to -- But only as time can, it will soon reveal that, God forbid, you have simply married someone who has a different perspective than yours -- Neither of you is right or wrong -- you're just two people who will hopefully at some point recognize no one has to be right -- it's just a matter of accepting them for who they are... regardless if their brain makes any sense to you whatsoever --

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Anonymous said...

This one made me laugh!!!! I think this happens to our case its his shoes..."April, where are my shoes???" and I reply "Mike, the last time I wore them I put them back in the closet" we have this conversation at least 2 times a week. It happens with his "favorite belt" also.