Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Frustrated? Good.

I have a best friend, Le, whom I've known since my thighs were rolly pollys and she recently had her own muffin pie -- Le's mother, Bonnie, is one of my favorite ladies and we often have breakfast, lunch or dinner to catch up on life, love and laughter -- She had recently come back from a visit with Le and she was telling me all about Madison and how she's growing and flipping over and gaining more control over her limbs (funny how until we're about 18 months old we have limbs and not arms and legs) -- Anyhow, she stopped in the middle of what she was saying only to explain one of the most profound things I've heard about growth -- For the most part she's totally content and happy -- She just lies on the floor with her bottle or blanket, sits in your arms or plays in her jumpy seat -- but there's always a slight frustration and that frustration is what pushes her to learn and grow --

It hit me -- no wonder I never feel completely content -- as a child you hear "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again" -- So, folks... guess what's keeping your marriage alive and well? frustration! How's that for romantic -- and you have to try, try again -- If there were never bumps, never fears, never hurt feelings, never doubts, never a healthy guilt or underwear on the floor ;0), your marriage would stay exactly the same as it is today (ouch) -- Not sure about you, but I can't even eat the same cereal too many days in a row, never mind my whole life -- If a baby was totally content always lying on their back and never moving, he/she would never roll over, push up and crawl... then walk, then run and in some cases, then fly :) (that made me laugh inside) --

As a Sagittarius, I don't like being tied down, so I got married (ha) -- by February after we were married, I was so depressed feeling like I'd trapped myself -- Not that I didn't totally love my husband, but I suddenly saw all the things I could do and be if I were single (go figure) -- I took that and used it to create in me the desire to write about it, which is something I've wanted to do since I was 12 -- My discontent created in me the passion to finally write -- The discontent you may feel in your marriage is what gives you the fuel to crawl, walk, run and fly in your marriage and as a person individually -- Being married creates opportunities for growth like no other relationship... just as having children does (which of course I'm not ready to grow in that direction just yet :D )

So... are you frustrated? Discontent? Well... good -- I hope to see you flying soon --

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