Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Not A Cynic

Reading through my posts, it became clear to me that if you don't know me, you could get the idea that I'm a cynic and just don't believe in romance and butterflies in the pit of the stomach --

*****Not true******

In fact, Dan and my story could be the likes of winning an Oscar -- The dashing tall, blond, blue eyed and strong Landscaper meets petite, blond, green eyed and loving counselor because she's trips over his foot -- They spend their first evening watching fireworks under the stars by the water -- Seriously... who doesn't want a story like that? I believe in love -- I believe in romance -- I believe in happy --

To clarify where the passion of my blogs come from is the warped view Hollywood, TV, magazines and the internet feed us on a daily basis only to create a sense of failure when normal life dawns its head -- This blog is a place where you find the REALities of married and specifically newlywed couples -- A place where the fears that you're crazy can be settled and the doubts that your totally normal can be solidified --

I LOVE BEING MARRIED... specifically to Dan -- He's everything I ever hoped for in a life-long partner and have truly found someone I feel like I can have the giddy love with and the mature and deeper love that takes you through life's crises --

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