Monday, November 24, 2008


Inspired by MckMama at MyCharmingKids

I would NEVER do a HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!! I do not love the Holiday Season and so I'm not giving away a very fun and fabulous prize December 1st! Nope! Not Me!

I did not receive the same award from two AWESOME bloggers this week -- Thank you, Kristy and Elizabeth!!! And it did not totally make my entire day and I am not totally feeling the love! Nope! Not me!

I would never leave my very expensive (not to mention my most prized possession for obvious reasons) wedding ring in the shower and my husband would never take it and hide it to teach me a lesson (really... he's not cruel :) and I would never run around the house freaking out like a dog on cocaine looking for it... Nope! Not me!

I would never run over a packet of ketchup (and therefore have a red speckled car), spill coffee all over my front seat and bust a whole through the bottom of my Styrofoam cup (holding Root Beer) by jamming the straw through it, all. in. the. same. day. -- Never... Nope! Not me!

I would never take my niece and nephew out to dinner and a movie just to get a little birth control, because I would never be getting the baby itch because of MckMama's babies -- (Seriously... I love my niece and nephew and have the time of my life with them... but it does help clear the air of needing babies :) -- Nope! Not me!

Lastly... but definitely not least (like, for real)... I would never be missing my family's yearly Thanksgiving/Christmas tradition at my parents house because for the first time in my life I can't take off work... I'm not totally and completely feeling the sadness of not being with everyone and I'm not completely feeling lonely :( I would never love my family more than anything in this world and this is a SHOUT OUT to them! Nope! Not me!

Now get on the ball and sign up for my HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!


Lindsey said...

Awww I'm so sorry you can't take work off friend!

LOL at taking the niece and nephew for birth control!!!

Following Him said...

I am totally not glad that I found you through MckMama and as for the birth control-too funny!!!

Eva said...

Your nephew, Johnathan, thought this post was hilarious, especially the part about you running around the house, freaking out.

We will all miss you at Mom's house for Thanksgiving, but I know we'll see you for Christmas. I already got you an awesome gift!!

Cocaine Princess said...

I'm dazzled by your new layout! It's incredible! The pictures of you and Dan, can there be a cuter couple?!

Congratulations on your blogger award, well deserved of course.


Ms. Salti said...

I'm sorry you can't take off work to be with your family this year. Think of it this way... you and Dan can start some of your own Holiday traditions and you won't be imposing on anyone else!

Os_Cinzentos said...

great not me's and great blog.
congrats on your wedding and very best wishes for your life together.
4 years and 2 dogs into married life, my personal view is that real life is not perfect nor should it be. Working through the imperfections is a whole lotta fun!.

R. from way across the pond.