Monday, December 22, 2008


Inspired by MckMama and her MSC*

Um... I did not just add MckMama to my computer dictionary so it wouldn't underline it in red every time I type it... because I would never type it that many times that it bothers me -- Nope! Not Me!

My husband and I would never venture on an 8 day Holiday Escapade to Chattanooga TN, Orlando, Branford and Jacksonville FL, just to go to a wedding, get our fun on at Universal Studios, visit the rents and see my brothers and sisters -- With that, I would never be writing this Not Me Monday 5. days. early. because I promised my husband I wouldn't blog/comment on blogs for those 8 days am so excited about it -- This would never mean I feel guilty for definitely possibly neglecting laundry, cleaning and cooking Dan because of blogging :) -- Nope! Not Me!

Speaking of neglecting laundry, I would never go to pack for our insane, crazy and possibly even stupid amazing road trip and realize I had no clothes clean to pack -- Seriously, I'm not sitting on our bed with a mountain of clothes sitting at my feet just waiting for me to throw them into some random drawers lovingly fold them and hang them in their proper places -- Nope! Not Me!

It would not be 5 days later since I started this post and it is also definitely not 5:00 a.m, because I would never get up at an insane hour just to finish a post before I go... Nope! Not me!

So... I'm a bit of a 'health freak' and I don't mean eating healthy because I've gained like 9 lbs. since I got married I don't like to bore Dan through food -- I mean in in a 'natural healing remedy kind of way -- So... I have a friend who's dad is all the time telling us about new and fun ways to heal a cold, relieve constipation I did not just say that on blogger, help allergies or cure a headache -- Well... I would never be so excited when I realized I could tell a client about one of these very fun remedies -- The remedy is to cure a cold -- put Vapor Rub on your feet at night, put your socks on and presto! cold relieved -- Well, I did not accidentally tell her to put Vaseline on her feet instead of Vapor Rub and I did not tell Dan this after I realized it and he is not still laughing at me... my poor client -- Nope! Not Me!

OK... my husband is begging me to get off the computer and finish packing I'm all out of Not Me's!

P.S. -- I did NOT post 31 pictures of myself growing up... seriously?! Who does that!?! ;0) Nope! Not Me!!

*Many Small Children


LyndsAU said...

cute cute :) I like Not Me Mondays :) they always make me laugh!!

Courtney said...

Seriously? Vapo Rub on your feet? I've never heard of such a thing, but you can bet that I'll be trying it next time a cold comes to visit!

...Vaseline...ha! You're hilarious!

Hey! Thanks for linking me up on your blog! I just noticed! :)

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Courtney in Indiana

Lindsey said...

You crack me up - great post!

Saskia said...

haha, that post was so funny! My husband is also beginning to "love" the time I spend on blogger!!

I hope you're having a lovely holiday seeing friends and family.

Merry Christmas!
Saskia x

PS I've tagged you!

Mrs. Not-so-Domesticated said...

Have a great road trip! Love your "Not Me's"!

Anonymous said...

Your Not Me Mondays are great! Thanks for making me smile today!!

Michelle Hix said...

Vaseline? Oh too funny! When do you see your client again? Maybe it will have a placebo effect?

Jennifer said...

I've gained about 15 pounds since getting married. It is time to work on getting back into shape...3.5 years later!