Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Is it just me or am I the only one who feels the need to make my titles matchy matchy with the day of the week? Just wondering.

WHAT a response to yesterday's "Tuesday Talk"!! I just mean that you all had a lot to say and I LOVED IT!! Next week? Can you fight fairly? If so, how? (thanks, Erin, for the idea!) You are all very wise women!!

Anyhow, I say Thrilling Thursday because I've got some fun goodies for you all!

First -- D and I L.O.V.E. Restoration Hardware -- In case you don't get their emails, go here to get the code for 20% off all of their Outdoor Furniture! Only 5 days left!

Next up! Get 30% your entire purchases at Gap, Banana Republic (my personal favorite ;0), Old Navy and each of their Outlet stores STARTING TODAY, March 12th - 15th! Just print the coupon below... You can use it as many times as you like!

Lastly... You can get GREAT savings and pick the stores you want to know if they're having sales by signing up here! (click below)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I have a "rules" on how to fight fairly! See this post:

Twenty-Something said...

Stimulating the economy is a mouse click away!

Thanks for the goods!

Lindsey said...

Ooo thanks!!

writing4612 said...

I think you posted about Google Analytics awhile back. I remember seeing a post about it sometime.

No, it doesn't show up.

Thanks for the info!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Love coupons!! thanks for finding these goodies :)

writing4612 said...

Where did you put the Google Analytics code on your blog?

The Constant Complainer said...

Banana Rocks!

Ms. Salti said...

What a great idea to post all these links! You are awesome! Hope you have a great weekend.