Friday, April 17, 2009

Featured Friday: Bloggy Love

It seems Fridays are becoming all about BLOG LOVES! That's OK with me... but I'd love to show off your business, so email {} me and I'll do a Featured Friday on you!

For now.... My Weekly Blog Love!

Katie over at A Hokie and a Wahoo

First and foremost, she lives in one of my favorite cities in America! Philadelphia!! Secondly, she's incredibly down to earth and a hoot! She loves her family, her husband and her posts are always full of life to either cheer me up or make me think. Katie is in the Event Planning industry and so her sense of fashion is really fun :)
She is a Hokie and proud of it! Virginia Tech {let's keep them in our hearts this week... 2nd anniversary of the shooting massacre was on the 16th} was her school of choice after seeing the campus only once! She has recently shared some of her experiences there and only made me understand and feel more connected to her. Her husband, however, is a Wahoo, which is University of Virgina {VT's rival!} -- It makes me smile to read about the 'fun' rivalry going on in their home and yet, I love even more reading about their sincere love and care for each other...

So... here's to you, Katie! Have a great weekend everyone!


Jon and Steph said...

Featured Friday is way cool! Keep it up!

Katie said...

Thanks so much for featuring me!!!!
You are too sweet :0) Have a wonderful weekend!

Ashley said...

These are fun posts because we can find new blogs to love!

Miss E said...

LOVE Katie. Awesome feature as everyone should be reading her! Have a great weekend!

jlc said...

I LOVE Katie's blog. She's beautiful and funny.