Friday, May 22, 2009

Featured Foto Friday and Blog Love

Saskia and I have been "Blog Friends" for a while... chatting back and forth, commenting when we can, enjoying each others' lives from across the ocean... She does live in London, after all -- I was totally siked when she asked me to Feature her Esty Store. Totally.

My love for travel drew me to Saskia's Blog. She is so explicit in sharing her incredible adventures with her husband all over London and a myriad of other intriguing traveling escapades. Coupled with this, she doesn't just tell her story, she shares her story through her fabulous photography. Dabbling in photography myself, I'm always in amazement of her artistic ability to capture the 'mood' of a moment, the history of an area, or the beauty of a scene within the creativity of her shots. Her pictures make me smile and I love anything that makes me smile.

When she recently told me that all her photos are taken in film and by her 1973 Minolta SRT-303 my mouth hit the floor. Incredible. Seeing as she lives in London, she is a London based photographer. To my absolute delight, she has now chosen to share her gift with us through her Etsy Shop she opened this past month. Right now, she has a few of her favorite pictures up for sale. She offers not only various sized prints, but also wonderful canvases and she is ready and waiting to fill custom orders for whoever is interested.
With no surprise, Saskia is off to Venice next week and without a doubt, she'll be glued to her camera. This undoubtedly means more fabulousness for us!

Saskia Photography

Saskia is my Weekly Blog Love -- After writing all that, I said to myself How could she NOT be my blog love... not only is she an amazing photographer, but I LOVE her blog!!!

You'll be glad you did!!!!!!

I can feature you too!!! Just email me @

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

I'm off to the OBX with my husband, sister and her friend.
The weather is supposed to be FABULOUS! See you Monday!


Saskia said...

Wow, what praise!! Thank you so much for featuring my little shop.

Have a lovely weekend & enjoy the fabulous weather!!

Saskia x

Cocaine Princess said...

The picture of the palm tree is beautiful.

Have an awesome weekend!

...Southern Bride... said...

Very cool!

And I love that second picture. :)