Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Me Monday

Need a little therapy? This is where we share all the things we would never do all in a weeks time... This little therapy session game was created by MckMama over at My Charming Kids... Click here to learn how to join in!

OK... here we go. It did not take me a total of 5 days to finally feel normal after 4 months of working a p/t job after my normal 40 hour work week rehearsing for and performing my musical -- This was not obvious to me when I woke up Friday at 7:30 a.m. and finally felt like I hadn't run a marathon all night -- Mr. Realife did not question me when I started singing in the shower and dancing whilst getting ready for work -- I would never sing and dance my way to work. Ever.

I don't ever go to McDonald's - Really. never. But if I ever did, I would see people like this going through the drive through.

Good thing I never go there :)

Mr. Realife and I went to the beach this weekend with my sister to celebrate her 35th birthday! Of course, we took little Miss Elly Mae and she was the talk of the OBX -- I did not dress her in cute little dresses and I would never buy her a bathing suit for when she goes swimming. I mean... she's just a dog and doesn't need clothes -- BUT... if I did buy her clothes and dress her in a bathing suit for the pool, I would not have taken these pictures of her -- No way... Not Me!

Good thing she's just a dog or she'd kill me when she grew up and started dating :)

Speaking of eating {we were talking about food, right? Oh, maybe that's just my stomach} Mr. Realife made these burgers on Friday night -- I would never have eaten this. entire. burger. plus corn on the cob and sweet potato french fries all whilst washing it down with a glorious Mojito. I mean, that would be ridiculous to eat all those calories at one time especially before getting into a bikini for the weekend -- So, it's a good thing I didn't eat all that!

I would never have to work on Memorial Day -- I do not work for a 24 hr. crisis center where we offer shelter/counseling/advocacy/children's counseling/group therapy/parenting classes and any other services you can think of for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and therefore I was the lucky pick for this great holiday -- Of course, I would never secretly be happy because this means I get to take off Friday One of the cast members in my musical A-My Name Will Always Be Alice owns a home there and she's invited all the girls for a fabulous weekend! This time, in Duck, NC -- I do not ADORE the beach... Not Me!

Speaking of Alice {I've done a lot of speaking in this non verbal post}... I'll finally be posting all the details and pictures TOMORROW!

Happy Memorial Day


{that includes all you wives, who I read about on their blogs, that stay home and take care of the home and children... We celebrate YOU too!!!}


Cole said...

Oh, my! Elly Mae is just precious. I totally don't buy clothes for Meadow either... Hahaha. :-)

MissBliss said...

this is always too much fun!!!

I can't believe the look on your dog's face in that suit, hahaha...

I did not drink red wine and dance with friends around the living room as if we were in a *club* last night, either!!!

Ashley said... Elly Mae is so freaking cute in her little pink ruffle swim suit. I can't get over the adorableness!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Oh, the little pink leopard bathing suit is ADORABLE! I think my doggie officially has a crush on your doggie :)

Erin said...

I just can't take it...Elly Mae is so cute!

I can't wait to hear details and see pictures of your play!

Sara said...

Elly Mae is so stinkin' cute! My daschund would just lay down and not get up if I put clothes on her. She acts all pitiful even if I put a sweater on her in the winter.