Friday, June 5, 2009

Featured Friday: Who Doesn't Love Her?

This girl has been one of my favorites from the time she started blogging seeing as she started after me -- This post of hers is when her blog caught my attention and we've communicated back and forth ever since --

I don't even know if Blogger had the "Follow Me" app. at the time, but she's always had a great amount of response to her posts -- I know that once "Follow Me" was up, it didn't take long for her box to hit 100, 200, 300... um... 1,000 followers!!! This says something about a person.

Her blog is usually full of funnies... laughing at herself, her husband, her preppy pug and in the mean time, entertaining us all -- I've enjoyed getting to know a more personal side of who she is through email chats, but she's also shared some of her most vulnerable struggles with us through her posts --

The most beautiful part about this blogger/woman is that she has a canny ability to take the worst of life's blows and find the opportunities in them and that alone draws me back to her blog on a daily basis --

Recently, her husband did an "Ask Me Anything" Q & A and some of his answers only solidified that his wife is not only an incredibly down to earth, meet you where your at, love you at your worst kind of woman, but also full of integrity, strength and generosity --

Yes... I'm going on and on, but I tend to do that when there really is someone who makes me laugh or cry on a daily basis and this is that person:

My Weekly Blog Love????

Mrs. Newlywed over at MisAdventures of a Newlywed

Thanks for being such an inspiration to not only me,
but to, well... clearly over a 1,000 people!

OK... in other news!

I mentioned I had to take off my "Blog Roll" because it was slowing down my page! This is what I've decided to do... I'm going to add my "Weekly Blog Loves" to the side and every week, I'll drop the bottom one and add that week's blog love to the top!

Stay tuned...
Not Me Monday is going to be a HOOT!
Tuesday? Another peak into my life.
Wednesday: My Home!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

You are too too kind!

I wish I had still had the posts Mr. N did up, but we had to delete them after a bit of a security scare :)

Thank you so much! I am so, so honored!

The Reality of Happily Ever After said...

Me too! I want everyone to be touched like I was... but I get the anonymity thing


Marissa said...

I love her blog!

Ms. Salti said...

I will have to go check her out! And yes, I do love your new 'do!

~K~ said...

Her blog is great! I love reading it, especially her recent post about the sweatpants. :)

Congrats to Mrs. Newlywed