Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mrs. Realife: AKA - not so Super Model

I've gotten 6 emails in the last 3 weeks with every title from "Is this OUR {Mrs. Realife}?" to "Your Smiling Face Makes My Face Smile" to "What happened to your hair?" to "I think you have a twin" --

4 years ago, when I started my Master's at Regent University, I had no idea they'd be using my face on their website... I'm a super star what a joke and I'm up for hire.

If I'd emailed this to my self my title would say: I had no idea I used to dye my hair the same color as my skin. Awesome.


Lil' Woman said...

lol...don't forget us little people, superstar! :)

Sass said...

Hair the same color as your skin...? That is hilarious. ;)

Oh, and look at me, commenting from my crappy laptop. Woo-HOOO!!!!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

lol! Too funny!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Now every time I see those college billboards, I will think of "hair and skin the same color" lmao