Friday, July 10, 2009

Featured Friday: $7 on the 7th

It seems these days, everywhere you turn there is a cause...

"Help Cure Cancer"

"Save the Whales"

"March of Dimes"


"Breast Cancer"

Each and every cause we can all roll off our tongues faster than we can our siblings names, was started and continues today because somehow, sometime, somewhere it affected someone personally and on a deep level.

With this, some have become so large, I never seem to know where to start giving, believe that my gift will be so insignificant or feel as though I don't ever see the practical/real results from what I've given... so I don't give.

I wrote a post on Tuesday -- You'll want to read it as it will give you context for this cause I'm featuring today...

The Liz Logelin Foundation is one of the most practical and yet powerful I've seen.

They help financially assist families who are dealing the death of a spouse, life-partner or parent as they struggle to move forward without their greatest love and support.
Simple. As. That.

I know that I have a lot of readers who are pregnant, new parents or even seasoned parents. If {God forbid} you or your spouse were to die suddenly... how would that affect you/them financially? Your baby{ies} would still need to be clothed, feed and have a roof over their heads, right?

This foundation helps make sure that happens.

They have an incredibly witty way of donating --

"$7 on the 7th"

It's $7 on the 7th day of each month
-- As stated on the site, "What's $7... a couple of Latte's?" 1 and 1/2 if you order my drink -- But $7 to a parent who's just lost their spouse could mean formula for their baby, diapers, a descent and comfortable crib sheet, a coat for winter... you know all the needs children have. $7 isn't much, but when we're all giving $7, it meets a MIGHTY need.

I gave my first $7 this past Tuesday -- Go here and give your first $7


Erin said...

Thanks for sharning...Ill go over and give my 1st $ this weekend! Have a good weekend!!

Cocaine Princess said...

Thanks for information. A very worthwhile cause.

Stay well this weekend.

Megan said...

I've been reading Matt's blog since right after Liz died. Sad, but touching story and definitely a great cause!