Friday, August 14, 2009

Featured Friday: She Rocks - I'm Rollin'

I love featuring new bloggers -- I guess because I get to talk about people who I think just really rock.

This weeks next couple weeks Weekly Blog Love {click to see all my featured blogs} is a woman I've been following... well, for a long time, now. Her incredibly random thoughts maker her spontaneous and interesting and keep me coming back for more.

She's incredibly funny.

She literally makes me laugh out loud.

Taking road trips and visiting other cities is a hobby and reading about them is like reading a book. She's also features a freaking precious pup every now and then too.



Life of a party.



Makeup Artist.





oh, and doesn't talk bullshit.

How's THAT for a description?

She's... Ms. Salti !!!!

To add to all this fabulousness.... She's also holding a GIVEAWAY! It's for a gorgeous serving bowl perfect for ANY hostessing event or a night when you're home alone and just want to eat everything in your cabinets because your depressed :) Click HERE to enter!!

Go check her out... follower her and tell her I sent you!!


Now... for the Rolling part...

I need a break from blogging. It just so happens that the fabulous Ms. Salti mentioned that in her comment yesterday and I'm taking the advice because I need to regroup. I love writing. I love sharing my life. I love my readers. So I need a couple weeks to get my grove back after all I've been going through.

How about this? I'll be back with a bang in September featuring a giveaway -- You know how I love giveaways :) Fall will be right around the corner and I will be way inspired --

Love you all mucho - XOXO
and I'll see you in September...


Caitlin @ A Galway Girl (in Chicago) said...

Have a great hiatus! You deserve it!
We'll miss you.

LyndsAU said...

I don't blame you!! We all need breaks my friend!! :) Lots of hugs your way!! i will miss you lots!! gmail chat me if you feel like it :) XOXO

Becky said...

awww i'l miss you while you're on a break :)

Erin said...

As much as I will miss you...A break sounds like a good plan. Rest up! Can't wait for you to come back in September! xoxox

Lucky in Love said...

Missing you already...but I know you're doing what is best for you! Prayers your way...and I can't wait for your return! XOXO

Lauren said...

Enjoy your break! We'll all certainly miss you!

Megan said...

We'll miss you for the next couple of weeks, but I completely understand a blogging break. See you in September!

Miss E said...

Everyone needs a break! Enjoy your time, friend. Sending you big hugs and peaceful thoughts. Hurry back soon :)

Allyson said...

Enjoy your break! We'll miss you!!!

Sara said...

We'll miss you! But good for you for doing what you need to do for you! Hope you enjoy the break to the fullest!

Ms. Salti said...

Aww, thanks, Anna! You are so sweet! Your post almost made me cry!

I'm glad you're taking my advice and taking a little break. It seems like a lot of the blogs I follow have needed to take a break at one time or another... and after they've returned, they're ready to go!

I hope you enjoy your time away from blogland. We'll miss you and look forward to hearing everything
when you return!

Thanks again for pimping me out!

Anonymous said...

Come back! Ha, I kid, I kid. Enjoy your time. Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Enjoy your break!

O.M.G. said...

i don't want to repeat what everyone has already said. i want to be original here....hmmm... missed be will you. awesome are you. you know even don't i.

i will be reading your old posts while you were gone so be prepared for questions when you get back. :)

Ashley said...

Enjoy your break - you will be missed but I'm pretty behind on your blog anyway so it will give me a chance to catch up :)

Can't wait to see what you have in store when you get back!

Krista said...

Enjoy your chance to regroup!!!

Saskia said...

Enjoy your break! We all need some re-focus time sometimes... and you'll feel much fresher and raring to go!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

i hope you're doing well woman! enjoy and relax=)

Erin said...

Hey Anna! I hope your enjoying your break but can't wait for you to come back! Enjoy relaxing!

prashant said...

Everyone needs a break! Enjoy your time, friend. Sending you big hugs and peaceful thoughts.
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Erin said...

45 min away from VA Beach!!!! I should have known..since I felt a calm wave amoung all the crazyness that weekend!

I am eagerly waiting for yur return tomrrow...feels like for-ev-er! Happy Monday!!