Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fantastic, Fun and Freeing Friday

Being a woman, I know women... Despite what men think, we are not all created equal -- We have our hormones and that in and of itself says enough -- Yet, there is a subject that I thought I'd speak about in a bit of a different light -- Sex...

I can almost feel the blood pressure rise in each of you as you read the word -- It's no mystery that we all have it and hopefully, love it -- As this is a blog that primarily women read, I though it appropriate to breach that place -- (and men, if you're reading, pass this on to your wife!)

Whether you grew up Baptist or Atheist, sex is subject that we all want to know more about -- There are psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual effects attached to sex and once married, you have one person (hopefully, again) to share it with... The Hubby :)

I have a best friend whom I've spoken of before -- Leila and I have been through the worst (and I mean some bad stuff) together and we've also been through the best of times together -- When Dan and I were engaged, people sent us cards, gift cards to Target, wedding decor, preparing for marriage books and Le? She sent me a gift basket full of sex stuff (and a few practical needs like a wedding planner) --

You may be thinking dirty or raunchy -- But that's not it at all... it was massaging oils, lubricants you can't find in the stores, a really informative book :), a cute 'after sex towel', lingerie and other fun items that I'll let you check out yourself -- She not only opened my eyes to a whole new world, but she also helped me understand how a woman should feel empowered in the bedroom --

Le is a Slumber Party Consultant and yes, she sells Adult toys... she also educates women about the power they have to not only build up their self esteem, but their husband's too -- If you are sitting there with your mouth wide open, that is a sign you should look into her and what she does -- Sex should be a freeing and empowering subject between you and your husband... I encourage you to check her out -- Ask for a personal consultation (phone or otherwise) -- She is an incredibly private and discrete woman and she'll be able to not only answer any of your questions, but add a whole new element to your bedroom --

Leila is offering a 20% discount exclusively for Newlywed Central Readers!


Diane said...

I found your blog through Miss Caught Up. First, I have to tell you that I LOVE your 'About Me' statement!! The part about 'God as I him'... wonderful. And I wrote a piece this week about my dad (and even said he was my hero :)... it's called 'Just One Dance' and was posted on Wednesday (if you're interested and get a chance :).

Second, I wanted to say kudos on this post. After my divorce (at 40) I finally figured out a lot of what you know at 30. And I'll just say, I'm WAY happier now (of course, losing 200lbs of husband didn't hurt THAT effort ;)

Anyway, thanks for the read! I enjoyed my visit and will be back :)

Slumber Parties by Leila said...

You are always a huge support and such a great friend! xxoxox Love, Le

In fact, for all of the fabulous readers of Newlywed Central - I'd love to extend an exclusive offer ... 20% off your entire order. Just contact me through my website and note you are a reader of Newlywed Central to use.

Diane said...

I just read 'Safety Zone'... thank you (for making me cry ;). Your dad does indeed sound like an amazing man and I am SO happy to know you cherish him. I miss my dad SO much and I would give anything to have just 5 more minutes with him. I wrote a post last Wednesday or Thursday (another writing prompt by Kathy at Mama's Losin' It) called 'I Wish Someone Had Told Me'... it's just a blurb, really, about how I wish I had known that he would die before Christmas when I opted not to go home for Thanksgiving. So many people commented that they would appreciate their dads more after reading it :).

Take care and thanks for coming by!

Rhonda said...

Loved the entry, Anna! However, your links are not working. Let me know when you get them working.

hope everything is going well. I'm going to send you an invite to see pictures from Joel & my vacation.

Love ya!

NewlywedCentral said...

Hi Ladies! The links should be working now -- Enjoy!

Cocaine Princess said...

The 'after sex towel'



P.S. Have a wonderful, warm, and loving week ahead of you.

Miss Caught Up said...

SWEET!!! I just received a free Wet Safe Sex Kit Friday at the Women's show! Hehehehe. I hope I win one of the many sex baskets I signed up for. LOL Seriously, you can never have too much fun...

in bed. :)

Ms. Salti said...

Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award!

Sass said...

Hey you.

I loved your post. And I'll refer back to my idea of being a slumber party consultant. That just sounds like TOO. MUCH. FUN!!!

NewlywedCentral said...

CP -- It is cute :) -- and thank you --

MCU -- I LOVE IT! And.... maybe *you'll* be needing it soon?

Ms. Salti -- THANK YOU!!

Sass -- I know... if I didn't have the whole Master's in Counseling thing to follow up with, I'd totally be doing it :)

The Pink Chick said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I thought I would visit your blog and check it out-I love it! I enjoyed your sex post. I think it is important for women to feel comfortable in the bedroom. I hope that your friend has much success with her business! Maegan said...

I agree 100%. We should all be having more sex with our spouses or significant others. ...besides, in a time of recession, at least we know it's one really fun activity to do that is free!

Happy Friday! ...and Halloween.

Kristy said...

Just found your it..keep up the great work!