Monday, October 20, 2008


This blog is inspired by My Charming Kids --
Thanks, McMamma, for sharing your heart with us every day and in every way

I did not skip a post this week because I'm deep in thought about how much my relationship with Dan has changed (for the good) in one year and can't figure out how to write about it in a light and funny way... nope! Not me!

I did not decide to write this blog at 10:00 p.m. Monday evening because I've been at a conference A.L.L. F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G. D.A.Y. -- And I definitely was not tired from being awake since six... nope! Not me!

I did not spend hours crying over a new book I'm reading (whilst my husband continues to be confused as to why I would submit myself to such pain [if they only understood ladies]) because it is not effecting my heart in ways I can barely begin to express... nope! Not me!

I did not buy an entire summer wardrobe worth $867 for a mere $49 at Belk (only store in town, ladies) and my husband did not ask to see the receipts so I could prove my total savvy money saving adventure -- and I did not stay on a high from this for like four days... nope! Not me! (seriously, this is a true story :)

I did not get the most adorable lampshade from my sister-in-law for my desk lamp and I did not forget to post about it on her blog (sorry, Tory! Will do that soon)... nope! Not me!

I did not receive this award today from Me! and I was not totally blown away by her genuine and kind words and I'm not totally thankful... nope! Not me! (THANK YOU!!)
I did not work 4 hours on Sunday prepping High School students for their SAT and I did not totally forget what I was talking about in the middle of it all because I was not thinking about my super savings at Belk... nope! Not me!

Lastly......... I'm not staying at the beach in the OBX for a conference on the subject of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault for four days because that is not my job and I do not have amazing views out every window and I am not inspired by the amazing photography I get to take and I do not miss my amazing, handsome and sweet husband... nope! Not me!

(McMamma... This WAS fun!)


LyndsAU said...

that was so cute! :) and congrats on your savings :) i love bargains!!

Lindsey said...

I love this post!!!

Ms. Salti said...

Love the post... I've missed reading your blog... Good job on the bargain shopping. And congrats on the award!

Ashley Griffin said...

oh to be at the beach...

Elaine said...

Great not me post.

Twenty-Something said...

awesome. just sayin'

Cocaine Princess said...

This lovely post brought a smile to my face. Congratulations on the award. You deserved it!


Miss Caught Up said...

That's a lot of nots! :)

Nicole said...

I tagged you :)