Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Mornings

As I stood on our sidewalk, watching my husband power wash our back porch at what I thought was an insane hour, I thought to myself there has to be something humorous about this -- there wasn't -- It really was 9:42 p.m. and Dan really was power washing our back porch and I really did work 9-5 and he really did, too -- and by the looks of Rebel, our German Shepard, sleeping in the grass, he had, too -- We really were crazy... I just knew it --

As my thoughts drifted from wondering if there was anything I could laugh about, to the fact that neither of us had eaten, to what in the hell are we doing, I realized that I wouldn't get to spend my Thursday morning on our oasis of a back porch and write my blog entry for the week -- You see, Dan didn't think that 3,000 sq. ft. was enough house for the two of us, so we added our back porch... well, that clearly wasn't enough either, so we now have two more additions to that --

The top addition is stamped concrete and as construction would have it (and maybe some really inconsiderate morons) there was cement dust all over everything on our back porch, including the screens -- To make matters worse, it rained before we could clean it all up... Yeah, what do you get when you mix water and cement? Concrete. We didn't think too much about it until Dan went outside (two days later) around 7 to wipe down the screens (and only the screens) and realized it wasn't coming off -- 3 hours later everything was outside (including the carpet) being power washed -- We bleached, we scrubbed, we broomed, we did everything but set fire to it all and it wasn't. coming. off. -- There was the part of me (the evil, crazy part) that was like this is so ridiculous and then the other part of me (the angelic, perfect part) that was like you know, this is why I married this man --

I hear women all the time talking about their men (which I don't remember owning Dan) and how they can't get them to get off the couch to eat dinner, never mind clean something -- I don't have that problem -- I can't get Dan to sit down... he is constantly going and if I sit still for one minute, I'll miss whatever just happened in the whirlwind of his life --

Truth be told, this was one of the thousand reasons I married him -- I knew he was a hard worker and would always do what it took to make things happen -- At 9:42 p.m., this blessing looked like a curse, but how could I complain now about one of the qualities that caused me to fall in love with him -- I mean, seriously, we could be a normal couple lying on the couch watching TV... but I wouldn't give up the memory of us wiping screens down and scrubbing outdoor furniture while the owls watched for anything --

It's easy to forget all the great qualities of your spouse -- specifically when you're drenched from head to toe, brooming water off your porch at 10 o'clock at night --Sometimes I think he's crazy and yeah, I had to give up my Thursday morning on the back porch, but Dan is the love of my life and I wouldn't trade our craziness for the world --

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